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Warranty Terms and Service Commitments
First, the service commitment

1. One year free warranty, lifetime paid maintenance

After purchasing the products of Kairui Lingfeng, the customer will enjoy a one-year free warranty from the date of purchase (subject to the date of shipment). Customers around Shenzhen are arranged by Kairui Lingfeng Company for free on-site maintenance. Foreign customers can return to Kairui Lingfeng for repair or repair by the dealer and maintenance unit designated by Kairui Lingfeng.

2. Provide complete technical guidance

The hardware failure of Kairui Lingfeng products purchased by customers in normal use, when the product fails, should promptly report the details of the fault to Kairui Lingfeng Company, you will get Kairui Lingfeng Company For telephone guidance, please check the after-sales service process of Kairui Lingfeng.

3, rapid response processing, shortening repair time

After receiving customer complaints, Kairui Lingfeng Technology's marketing staff and technicians responded quickly within 24 hours to learn more about the customer's problems, assist in solving problems through multiple channels, or quickly reach the customer's site and face-to-face with the customer. The instant service makes customer complaints efficient and satisfactorily resolved.
      When the service is provided to you during the warranty period, if it cannot be repaired quickly due to individual complications or force majeure, the service personnel will negotiate with you to clarify the repair time, up to a maximum of 18 working days.

4. Paid service

For Kairui Lingfeng products that exceed the warranty period, Kairui Lingfeng can provide paid repair services and charge for accessories.

5, other

When you request warranty service from Kairui Lingfeng, please present your warranty card or invoice. If you are unable to provide the above information and documents, Kairui Lingfeng has the right not to provide warranty service. Due to the discontinuation of spare parts, traffic disruption, loss of transportation, etc., non-Kai Rui Ling Feng Company can control the special reasons, resulting in delays in repair time by both parties.

Second, exemption from warranty obligations

In order to protect your legal rights and avoid unnecessary losses, Kairui Lingfeng does not undertake free warranty obligations for product failures, abnormal work or damage caused by the following reasons. Please choose paid service.
(1) Exceeding the warranty period or the product has no valid warranty card and valid purchase certificate;
(2) damage to the product caused by abuse, misuse, accidental damage or negligence;
(3) The product is damaged due to the user's use of equipment other than our company;
(4) Unauthorized installation of accessories, removal or alteration of any components or maintenance of the product;
(5) The appearance and internal equipment damage caused by improper transportation by the user;
(6) The irresistible external factors such as natural disasters cause damage to Kairui Lingfeng products.