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Capacitive Touch PCs
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Brand:XIETOUCH Touch screen type:Projected capacitive screen Touch points:Ten touch Response time:5MS
Product Details

Product Features:
        Kairui Lingfeng touch display is an economical and cost-effective touch display solution developed for OEMs and system integrators. It uses industrial-grade high-brightness wide-angle color TFT LCD panel to better attract users' attention. Li, colleagues use advanced imaging technology and equipped with infrared touch (projected explosion-proof capacitive screen) technology. It can exert the best touch interaction effect. This model has a precise small frame design to protect the touch interface from dust and dust. It is one of the most ideal touch solutions for indoor and outdoor. Can be used in retail, self-service, gaming and entertainment.
        Capacitive touch screen, full-plane support for multi-touch USB interface touch communication, providing a stable, innovative touch interface for touch sensitive, accurate, and non-offset touch anywhere on the screen; providing excellent image quality Brightness transmission is not affected by extreme environmental and light changes, and the scratch resistance of the glass surface to ensure that even if scratching does not affect the function.

▲ Provide a variety of sizes and touch screen products
▲ Explosion-proof panel features, full-screen screen with custom selection
▲ Product reliability, stability, compatibility, price concessions
▲ Good structural design, anti-ash, dustproof, waterproof splash
▲ A variety of installation: up and down or left and right side lock, back VESA lock hole installation