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How to choose self-service inquiry machine manufacturer
Browse: Release date:2019-04-04

With the development of society, intelligent new sales, intelligent unmanned stores, self-service sales are expanding, the needs of self-service inquiry machines are gradually improving, and the technology of self-service inquiry is constantly improving. Its excellent human-computer interaction experience has also facilitated the general public like never before. For some units that are introducing self-service inquiry machines, it is especially important to choose a reliable manufacturer and purchase a high-quality self-service inquiry machine touch display. This article is briefly introduced by Kairui Lingfeng Technology Co., Ltd.


First, we must choose a manufacturer with a professional human-computer interaction research core team.
The main purpose of selecting a manufacturer with a specialized human-computer interaction research team is to ensure the intelligence and technical support of the self-checking machine touch display, because such devices are often used for ordinary people to query and handle simple business purposes. The operation is not simple enough, so it is often rejected by the public. Therefore, when choosing a self-service inquiry machine, you should choose a self-service inquiry machine manufacturer with a professional human-computer interaction research team.
Second: choose a structural design capability, processing and manufacturing capacity manufacturers
   Manufacturers with structural design capabilities and manufacturing capabilities can pay attention to detail processing, improve processing technology, have integrated supporting advantages, simple production processes, and improve processing quality, so that products can be guaranteed in terms of form quality.
Third, you must choose a variety of styles to choose from.
Different fields may require self-service inquiry machines of different models and different functions, which requires selected manufacturers to provide a variety of self-service inquiry machines to choose from. If there are self-service inquiry machine customized services, they are the first choice because these Once the self-service inquiry machine is put into use, it is convenient for the people who come to handle the business. Therefore, it must not be in a situation of “acclimatization”.
Fourth, we must choose to maintain more convenient products.
For the self-service inquiry machine with very high daily usage frequency, the normal use loss will definitely occur, which requires easy maintenance when the self-service inquiry machine fails, so as to restore the self-service inquiry machine as quickly as possible. The functionality continues to ensure that people can use it easily.
Fifth, choose after-sales service and quality guaranteed touch manufacturers
All in all, the most basic purpose of the self-service inquiry machine is to make it easier for the user to live. Therefore, it must have a comfortable operation mode in all aspects of experience and ergonomic design, and the more maintainable design can also enhance its design. Popularity rate. So if you want to buy a reliable self-service inquiry machine, then the above several elements are indispensable.