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Kai Rui Ling Feng teaches you: the four elements of the touch-one machine
Browse: Release date:2019-04-04
With the wide application of the touch-one machine, the competition in the industry has become increasingly fierce. Therefore, there have been many unfavorable competition problems such as uneven quality and shoddy, which makes our customers very troublesome and do not know how to purchase. Based on the opinions of 105 customers, Kairui Lingfeng Market Center has organized the following four major problems, and hopes to help you.
       First, look at the touch screen used
      The most valuable touch-screen machine is the touch screen. At present, the mainstream touch screens are classified into resistive, infrared, and capacitive types. At present, the best application results are capacitive screens, such as the screens of top mobile phone brands such as IPhone. Capacitive touch technology is used. However, there are still a few manufacturers that can break through the large-capacity capacitive touch technology. Therefore, if a large-size capacitive screen is used as the brand of the touch integrated machine, it is technically relatively powerful. Taking Kairui Lingfeng as an example, its newly developed capacitive one-in-one machine has been able to achieve 65 inches, and has reached the industry leading level in terms of technical strength.
Second, look at their own application sites
Some customers buy touch-one machines for outdoor advertising and other fields, which requires the integrated machine to be waterproof, light-resistant, shock-proof, and anti-collision. After all, it is difficult to control the outdoor, so the appearance and material requirements of the one-piece machine will be It is relatively high, and it can be used with a metal casing-one machine of sheet metal material. It is not worried about damage in outdoor applications.
Some customers use indoors, such as exhibitions, so that they can purchase more sophisticated ones to improve the quality of the application.
Three look at the cooling function
      Many touch-one machines require 24 hours of uninterrupted operation. If the heat is not good, there may be frequent crashes and poor operation, so good heat dissipation is essential. So how do you see if the product is treated with heat? - Look at the back and back if the distribution of the cooling holes is reasonable, you can fully consider the heating of the internal components, and can circulate ventilation, the effect is better; the second is the internal structure, some products For example, Kai Rui Lingfeng's capacitor-integrated machine will arrange the internal components reasonably, so that the components with more heat will be scattered separately, which can effectively reduce the heat and let the products run smoothly for a long time.