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High Brightness Touch Monitors
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Touch screen type:Projected capacitive screen
Touch points:十点
Response time:5MS
Product Details
◆ Pure glass panel brings high-definition visual experience and long-lasting touch
◆Light and thin design
◆Enhanced touch screen glass, professional-grade hardware, durable in harsh public environments
◆ Compact and narrow frame for easy integration, a variety of installation options,
VESA installation, using mounting brackets, horizontal or vertical mounting
◆ Obtain FCC, CE, RoHS, CCC certification
◆Other sizes can be customized


Xietouch's large-size, high-definition, explosion-proof LCD touch display uses state-of-the-art LED backlight technology to save energy and power while running, and has a slim design. The touch screen is built by xietouch experts with stable reliability and excellence. Image clarity, resolution, transparency, accurate touch reflection and lifelike images. Large, high-definition, explosion-proof touch display instantly captures and draws the attention of users, for self-service kiosks, entertainment venues and retail buffets Service, etc. This series of touch screens also passed the UL60950 iron ball impact test, suitable for public use.

widely used

The xietouch high-definition explosion-proof touch display easily integrates with your existing system. The touch screen seal protects against dirt, dust and liquids, blends multiple functions with a one-piece projected capacitive model (PCAP) that is highly sealed and can be immersed in liquid while still IP65 rating evaluation. Should be widely used in industry, commerce, advertising industry!